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Elephant in the Rööm™ can help you prepare your family for future decision-making roles.  Each conversation you have with people you love will relieve them from an emotional toll when (not if) the time comes for them to make healthcare choices on your behalf.  Elephants are said to have vivid and accurate memories; so will people you love (who may be forced to make decisions) remember how they felt at those decision-making moments.  Better to prepare them with meaningful conversations that can help them advocate for your decisions rather than leave them filled with angst or guilt and wondering if they made the “right” decision(s) for you. Purchase your elephant(s) today.  You CAN talk about this – let the conversations begin!

For 1- 4 Elephants ⇒ Each $30.00* (price includes $1.70 PA Sales Tax)


For bulks orders of 5 or more Elephants, or for international shipping, please contact Cindy via email (moyercl@gmail.com) for special terms and a PayPal invoice.

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