About Us

“You are a dynamic and giving couple. So grateful for your service.”                                                                                                           − Diana B. (Picture Rocks, Pennsylvania)

Words like these from Diana are so meaningful to us and much appreciated.  We are dedicated to helping families communicate about their health, personal care, and aging issues.  Our mission is to prepare individuals for changing roles and responsibilities in caring for the impairments and debilities of loved ones as they age, as chronic diseases progress, or as terminal diagnoses are received.  You can talk about this … and we can help.

Cindy Moyer LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker experienced in caring for home care and hospice patients, nursing home residents, and their families.  She has been a hospice volunteer and has worked with residents in long term care settings.  Her personal experiences as a caregiver and advocate for beloved family members enable her to empathize and communicate compassionately.  Cindy received her BA in Psychology from Susquehanna University and her MSW from Marywood University.  She currently works as an Advance Care Planning social worker for a large Central Pennsylvania hospital system and is a contract therapist specializing in griefwork.

James Desiderati RN (retired) has more than two decades of nursing experience, with the majority spent in hospice care.   Jim received his RN from Excelsior College School of Nursing.  He is a retired Hospice RN and Nurse Specialist in Hematology/Oncology.

We created our Elephant in the Room™ conversation card deck based on our experiences in work and life.  As a hospice nurse for more than a decade, hundreds of patients and families have benefited from Jim’s clinical expertise, compassion and empathy, and his caring conversational style. Jim also understands what it is like to care for a loved one from a distance.  In a face-to-face visit during his Mom’s end-of-life journey, he encouraged her and his stepfather to consider (and accept) hospice care in her final months, which they did engage.  From 2,500 miles away, Jim was able to have peace of mind knowing that his Mom’s needs were being met and his stepfather’s caregiving load was relieved. 

Cindy’s personal experiences as a family caregiver and advocate for beloved family members enable her to empathize and communicate compassionately.  When faced with difficult healthcare decisions, Cindy had the confidence to advocate for her loved ones’ wishes because they had conversations for many months before decisions were needed.  It wasn’t as easy when her Dad was dying. Cindy, her brother and their Mom had only minutes to make a decision about organ donation. Because they hadn’t had conversations about death and dying before her Dad was stricken suddenly, they had to quickly make a decision while sitting in a cardiology waiting room. 

“We created Elephant in the Room™ as a tool that individuals, families, and communities can use independently.  We know that these conversations are difficult, but can be so meaningful.  Through Caring Choices, we offer in-person consultations; but we recognize not everyone is comfortable talking with strangers.  So, we offer “Ellie” to start those conversations on your own!” ~ Cindy and Jim

Caring Choices is located in Central Pennsylvania where both Cindy and Jim were raised.  We have progressive ideas about meaningful conversations related to aging, healthcare choices, and dying/death planning.  While we acknowledge the value of technology, we wholeheartedly believe that these very personal conversations are better in person and in comfortable surroundings.  We are, however, open to online consultations should people desire that.  Contact us for consultation options.