I remember you

I haven’t forgotten you.

Despite all the months and years that may have gone by. No matter how many ups and downs there have been. Even with all the life changes, personal celebrations and tragedies that have occurred. I still remember.

Perhaps there is now even a poem or song in your honor. Certainly there is a part of my soul that will always remain with you. You were likely a total stranger to me when we first me. You could have never guessed in a thousand years that one day I would be crossing your doorway carrying that bag slung over my shoulder. The one filled with the tools to help the needs of many.

There are times when something triggers my memory of you. Possibly a winding country road, a certain song, a snow storm, a soft breeze or the quick glimpse of a familiar neighborhood during a drive. I remember. We likely shared laughter, we certainly shared tears.

I cried a lot, but you maybe never knew this. I often would keep myself composed until I left your bedside. But there were times, especially while hooking up a new infusion, I would be unable to hold back. Then the wet glistening eyes, somber nods and quiet whispers were really me wailing inside. Filling up with the emotion of how much love surrounded us. Overwhelmed with the stoic bravery from such an unlikely source.

You will never be forgotten. I still remember you. I remember your smile, I remember your pain. I remember the look of concern in everyone’s eyes. Oh I know, I may not remember when, or possibly, may not even remember your name. But I remember the gift of time we shared.

No, I haven’t forgotten you. And, I never will.

4 thoughts on “I remember you

  1. Pamela Cosper

    Oh my goodness, Jim. This one brought me to tears. What a beautiful tribute to so many souls that you have accompanied on their transition into Spirit. Bless you and Cindy for your tireless work.

    1. James Desiderati Post author

      Pammie, thank you so much. You are so thoughtful, loving, and kind. You are a true gift to those you connect with always!

    1. James Desiderati Post author

      Thank you, you are a wonderful support for those lives you also touch Emma. Of this, I have no doubt.

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