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Tomorrow is Too Late

“Yesterday is rarely too early but tomorrow is frequently too late.”

This was the inspirational quote in my inbox this morning.  It made me think of a woman I spoke with recently who shared that she was taking a family member to the beach today because it was the family member’s last wish.  They aren’t waiting for warmer (beach) weather.  They aren’t making elaborate plans and reservations.  They are simply packing warm clothing and blankets, getting in a car, and driving today to honor a last wish.  Waiting would likely reduce the last wish to regret.

Procrastination is a habit we get into in life.  There may be things deemed more important on which we spend time.  Some tasks are too daunting when seen in the whole so we put off starting them.  We typically procrastinate on doing things that are not fun.

Anyone who has children can understand how time flies.  “Yesterday” my son was born.  A few months ago, he turned 30.  Life flies past us more quickly than most of us like.  Tomorrows arrive (and are in the rear-view mirror) more swiftly as we get older.

Procrastination is very strong when it comes to talking about healthcare choices and making decisions.  Facing a medical crisis, traumatic accident or terminal diagnosis doesn’t usually allow for procrastination.  They often demand deliberate, thoughtful but prompt decision-making.  Given the experiences we’ve had and witnessed, waiting until tomorrow is frequently too late (as the inspiration quote states.)  Emotions run high when faced with the immediacy of unprepared decision-making.

Learn how to start important conversations with people you love today so you can reduce the emotional burden of tomorrow.  April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day (#NHDD).  Be like the woman taking her loved one to the beach today.  Don’t wait for “beach weather.”

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