Walk the Walk


I have been interested in music, poetry, and art the majority of my life.  I have often paid close attention to detail and pondered the meaning behind many of the lyrics I heard over the years. On this occasion a spoken phrase from Jeff Beck’s “Guitar Shop” (released 10/1989) comes to mind: “Much is being said my lords, but nothing is being done.” The song’s lyrics seem to relate to the environment. The “Talk the Talk” companion to the title of this blog indicates that there is no follow through. There is no “action” (walk the walk) to complement the words.

Health care trends today suggest “having the talk”, conversation, discussion, and planning for the eventual changes life inevitably presents us. Sudden or chronic, we will face challenges to our health, independence, and stability.  Yes, taking the time to have these meetings with family and friends, advocates, caregivers or attorneys is in our best interest. But it also takes Action beyond “talk”.

Words alone are easily misunderstood, and forgotten. The intentions behind them may change. The action I refer to is an on-going effort of the continued periodic review with whomever we have designated as our future healthcare advocate. Having a document that was drawn up 10, 20, or 30 years in the past is not truly a reflection of what may currently exist today. A friend recently mentioned how relieved he and his wife were when faced with difficult healthcare choices concerning the medical treatment of their failing family member. “I wasn’t going to go against Mom’s Living Will.” This was just one more example confirming for me the importance of taking action. “I didn’t want to talk about death and dying,” he said when describing his mother’s “action” during her research and application of planning for her future.  The outcome was one of peaceful acceptance and gratitude that only afterwards could be most appreciated by him and his family. In my decade of hospice experiences, I have often witnessed the importance of action in addition to words.

Caring Choices can facilitate the “Talk” with the use of our Elephant in the Room. The next step (walk the walk) is yours.

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