Handling the Elephant in the Room

You’ve probably heard the idiom “elephant in the room” at least once in your lifetime.  People use that phrase to describe something that is (1) an obvious problem which remains unaddressed or (2) a topic that no one wants to discuss.  We believe that the specter of DEATH is certainly at the top of those lists even though we will all face death many times in our lifetimes.  Jim and I have experienced the deaths of our grandparents, parents, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, a sister, a niece, and hundreds of hospice patients and/or nursing home residents.   We have drawn on our combined experiences with our family members and people we’ve aided through hospice to create something we believe wholeheartedly can be very helpful to everyone who will experience changes in health and independence (which is every one of us!).

We call it Elephant in the Rööm™ and we’re offering it now on our new website at http://elephant-inthe-room.org.  We are certain our Elephant in the Rööm™ will aid individuals, families and groups in thinking about and discussing healthcare needs in a variety of physical and emotional states.  The purpose of Elephant in the Rööm™ is to help people begin meaningful conversations about the kinds of care they want (or are willing/able to provide) when health conditions change.  We know talking about future health problems and eventual death can be scary.  With Elephant in the Rööm™, we believe you CAN talk about it without fear or trepidation.

Handle the elephant in your room with our Elephant in the Rööm™ and make plans with your loved ones while you can talk about these things.  It can never be too early to talk about health and aging issues, but it can become too late.
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