Given a Gift

Many forms of “gifts” exist in today’s world. To spare you the usual comma laden list of my ideas on the subject allow me to give you all the “gift” of exploring the topic on your own.

This freedom of choice is, after all, what this life is all about … is it not? Can anyone who is not given a choice in something wear that solely as matter of fact? Or do they become immediately enrolled in to the ever inclusive club of the “deprived.”

As far as gifts go, from my experience at least, the value of the thing given changes over time on almost a yearly basis. At one point in my life little plastic dinosaurs would have been the Holy Grail of all gifts! As the years go by the item desired and values placed on them changed for me.

Today I would have to say, if asked, that time would be the greatest gift of all. And yet still this very afternoon I was in a cozy little state of recline in my living room napping as only a “felt like” 159-yr-old man could. And the subject matter of my dream was mostly about how I was in a position of grave peril of unknown nature and was reminded by that oh so elusive “inner voice” to use the “gift” I had been given to free myself of this danger. What exactly that gift was remains a mystery. While I lay refreshed and pondering this it occurred to me that possibly that Gift I had been so gently reminded to use was in fact the time I still have.

This may not be such a far-fetched conclusion after all when you consider one fact alone. My fingers are burning as I type this from the 3 hours of guitar playing I did yesterday at the first gig I have performed at in over 5 ½ years. While rehearsing for that day, I realized how deeply music and my guitar playing were rooted in my soul. For one reason or another I had taken that gift away from myself. I used work, overtime, fatigue, illness, stress, chores, occasional interruptions, and daily responsibilities (oops, that’s a comma-laden list!) to justify not picking up the most valued gift I have ever been given. That gift is the ability to express my deepest spirit through sound and music.

Not only do I now realize I had taken this gift away from myself, but I’ve come to understand that I had also taken it away from others. I have often found meaning in my dreams and created many songs, poems and lyrics derived directly from them. Today was a special gift for me. The gift of realizing I have time.

Caring Choices would welcome the honor of sharing time with those who are also in the process of exploring the vast array of gifts they have been given. We understand the choices of why and how to bestow care of these gifts upon those we love. The decisions are not easy, and all too often must be made on an individual basis. But the conversations leading up to them can be a gift shared by many.

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