Wow!  It’s hard to believe that Caring Choices has been “out there” for an entire year.  One year ago today, August 11, Jim and I began our consultation business to help individuals and families start conversations about advance care planning and healthcare choices.  We’ve addressed some community groups and engaged a lot of people in preparing for conversations.

We have been blogging for 52 weeks and have fielded some really great comments and questions.  We hope that our readers have found some inspiration and motivation in our blogs to begin conversations in their own families.

We invite our readers to continue to share experiences and feedback.  We hope that you will join us on the journey into Year #2 of Caring Choices.

(P.S.  August 11 would have been my Mom’s 88th birthday.  Her life and death have given me great strength in pursuing the work of Caring Choices. I hope she’d be proud of this endeavor.)

(c) 2014 Caring Choices

2 thoughts on “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  1. Mavis

    Cindy, you and Jim have done a wonderful job with your posts in Caring Choices………..I am sure you have helped many and that your Mom is smiling up there in heaven…………….

  2. Pam Cosper

    YAY!!! Happy Anniversary & Happy Birthday Caring Choices! Bless you for the incredible gift of your work to the world.

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