Hell of a Time

Hell could be a place where time runs out too soon, again and again for eternity never having an opportunity to fulfill a single need, desire, goal or purpose. Yet the only thought you have is to keep trying.

And so, on and on can go the dialog to see which speculative endorsement one imagines the limits of time and its unspoken truth to be. While we are assessing its duration allotted to each of us, we plot out our lives. Savings plans, annual functions, and anticipated upgrades in income, status and security are often unrealized when time runs out.

Whenever I think of how dramatically people’s lives have been guided by the perception of the “amount” of time they garner for themselves, it impacts me deeply. My whole life has been guided by the intensity of how precious each moment is. And often I have vested too much “in the moment” and foolishly remain unprepared for a longer life then my youthful imagination had prepared for me. The importance of earlier planning and the old adage “Hindsight is 20/20” are hard realities.

Today, with 22 plus years of nursing experience in my soul, the reality of “time” has matured and seasoned within my mind. Logic sobers the drunken fantasy of dreams and loss strengthens the resolve to fulfill them. Combined with the sincere purpose to use my tragedy in hope to guide others safely along, I have found a committed relationship with hope and the tearful succor to bear forth my responsibilities despite all opposition.

Caring Choices extends a soft touch of compassion into this cold hard reality of limited time. Making decisions before time has run out may provide a more gentle and peaceful resolution to a potentially stressful situation. As each of us have the choice to follow any path in life, the options of which path we choose do not get easier by avoiding the crossroads.

(c) 2014 Caring Choices