Safety & Comfort

Throughout my life there has always been an ongoing focus on safety and comfort. Lately I have found that using humor to engage this topic has not really increased the likelihood of receptive dialog. Undaunted by this today, I am going to share the real reason that there has always been a need to fulfill those goals.

Selfish as it sounds, I want to be safe and comfortable. Don’t you? How we go about that depends on a multitude of factors. Initially, if we are born within a secure family group that is not too fraught with turmoil, or have parents/ guardians who have basic resources and intelligence we are more apt to have the trifecta of survival: Food, Clothing and Shelter. Unfortunately, all over the world, many regions are devastated by war, barren of resources, or so impoverished that even the basics are a daily challenge. Yet, the need for safety and comfort remain. To be safe from danger/ harm and free of pain/abuse seems like pretty basic needs to me. Food, clothing and shelter accommodate the environment for safety and comfort. And just for the record, comfort does not need to be “feeling good”. Comfort can mean simply to not have pain. And being “safe” does not always mean being free of responsibility. Many   people have put themselves through unimaginable danger and pain so we may have an opportunity for safety and comfort. Any account of history will prove that all over the world being Free may not necessarily mean “not imprisoned”.  Lack of options can be a prison for many.

Why do I say all of this? For the very reason I seek safety and comfort, I have always believed  (and more recently have become increasingly convinced of the sincerity of this belief) that we are all intended to not only seek safe and comfortable environments for ourselves, but to assist in helping others achieve this as well. Perhaps this is why since an early age I could not feel comfortable in any role which interfered with someone’s safety or comfort. In my youth there were many times my own lack of strength caused emotional, physical and psychological suffering. Of this truth, I am forever bound. But from that reality has emerged a sense of empathy for all of the situations presented today. My hope now is to educate and support the continued efforts for the safety and comfort of all those whom I can reach.

Caring Choices may be for many the first extension of options for the continued desire to have a safe and comfortable life to the very last breath.


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