Intestate Conundrum


Intestate       = Not having a will

Hotch-pot      = gathering together  of the property of the deceased

Conundrum = riddle, puzzle

Time               =  out


Whenever my behavior becomes a familiar Déjà vu, dad is there. His voice, laugh, memories emotion  of a loss so fresh it triggers a tear. Any life is an ocean of tears. Few are spared from the often sudden trauma of unexpected loss.

Knowing in advance would likely not be any less fearful and smooth. Death has always frightened me. Fear of living? Tonight my heart opens, weeping endlessly for the torment and strife throughout the world around me.  More than ever before, an appreciation of the love, laughter, and joy that are there affects me just as passionately.

Share the gift of time with empathy, compassion, and strength. Teach when you can. Help when it’s due. Observe. Interpret. Think.  Act.  Rest.  Live to the fullest potential in your power. Gallant bravery and skill are as necessary as a smile. Everyone can smile.

Throughout my life, death is there.  Ever alert, my soul senses its presence.  When my 9 yr. old son asked “Why do good people have to suffer.” I knew his heart was true. And I knew he already had the answer. To live is to suffer. And to share in love and peace takes only desire. Hope and the freedom of choice are often only available to us because someone else had paved the way, paid the price, and sacrificed.

Today my reality is one of simple pleasures and basic needs. With the treasures of trust and support from those I love there is a new strength inside of me. Helping my family and friends is the best gift I could ever have. So now, my Will is written. No one will need to agonize over the intestate conundrum of what to do with the hotch-pot after my death. My time is split between education, music, love, laughter and cats. Do I still fear death? Can I answer that a little later on? I’m too busy living at the moment.


Caring Choices begins with a smile, and offers support as you and your family discuss and possibly begin  transitioning into another of life’s most intimate times.